Submissions from 2021

Corporate social responsibility and information flow, Gary Chen, Bin Wang, and Xiaohong Wang

The bright side of product market threats: The case of innovation, Danh Vinh Le, Huong Thi Thu Le, and Lai Van Vo

Corporate commitment to climate change action, carbon risk exposure, and a firm's debt financing policy, Tesfaye T. Lemma, Ayalew Lulseged, and Mohammad Tavakolifar

Mandatory audit partner's rotation and corporate tax avoidance: Early evidence from form AP disclosure, Chenyong Liu, Chunhao Xu, and Xiaohong Wang

Examining the effects of different English speech varieties on an L2 academic listening comprehension test at the item level, Sun Young Shin, Senyung Lee, and Ryan Lidster

Media attention and its impact on corporate commitment to climate change action, Mohammad Tavakolifar, Ayishat Omar, Tesfaye T. Lemma, and Grant Samkin

Do female CEOs make a difference in firm operations? Evidence from Vietnam, Lai Van Vo, Hazel Thu Hien Nguyen, and Huong Thi Thu Le

Submissions from 2020

Gender diversity and firm performance: evidence from India and Singapore, Geeta Duppati, Narendar V. Rao, Neha Matlani, Frank Scrimgeour, and Debasis Patnaik

Shareholder coordination and corporate innovation, Ani Manakyan Mathers, Bin Wang, and Xiaohong Wang

Application of time series models in business research: Correlation, association, causation, Zabihollah Rezaee, Sara Aliabadi, Alireza Dorestani, and Nick J. Rezaee

Effects of randomization of characteristic times on spiral wave generation in a simple cellular automaton model of excitable media, Vincent Vangelista, Karl Amjad-Ali, Minhyeok Kwon, and Paulo H. Acioli

Submissions from 2019

Effects of translation on probability judgments: Evidence from the IFRS in Taiwan, Hsiao Lun Lin, Shu Ling Yeh, and Ai Ru Yen

Auditor sanctions and the management of riskiness of audit client portfolios, Hsiao Lun Lin and Ai Ru Yen

Litigation risk and working capital, James Malm and Nilesh Sah

Submissions from 2018

What do the markets say? Shareholder wealth effects of the XBRL mandate, Gary Chen, Xiaohong Wang, and Jie Zhou

Asset liquidity and firm innovation, Ly Thi Minh Pham, Lai Van Vo, Huong Thi Thu Le, and Danh Vinh Le

Application of time series analyses in big data: Practical, research, and education implications, Zabihollah Rezaee, Alireza Dorestani, and Sara Aliabadi

An energy-efficient transmission approach using compressed sensing, Hao Yang and Xiwei Wang

ECO–CS: Energy consumption optimized compressive sensing in group sensor networks, Hao Yang and Xiwei Wang

Submissions from 2017

Correlation, association, causation, and Granger causation in accounting research, Alireza Dorestani and Sara Aliabadi

Are the Indian corporates creating value through acquisitions in the US and European markets?, Geeta Duppati, Narendar Rao, and Stuart Locke

Determinants and market valuation of the decision to audit or review: Evidence from Taiwan, Hsiao Lun Lin and Ai Ru Yen

Innovation and Price Informativeness, Ani Manakyan Mathers, Bin Wang, and Xiaohong Wang

Strategic growth option, uncertainty, and R&D investment, Lai Van Vo and Huong Thi Thu Le

Customer Satisfaction and Corporate Investment Policies, Lai Van Vo, Huong Thi Thu Le, Danh Vinh Le, Minh Tuan Phung, Yi-Hsien Wang, and Fu-Ju Yang

Does auditor industry expertise affect bank loan costs?, Yinghong Zhang, Fang Sun, and Chunwei Xian

Submissions from 2016

Determinants and consequences of auditor conservatism, Essam Elshafie

The joint and several liability of "merchants" under maritime bills of lading, Richard Kilpatrick

The effects of IFRS experience on audit fees for listed companies in China, Hsiao Lun Lin and Ai Ru Yen