Submissions from 2021

Iodide analogs of arsenoplatins—potential drug candidates for triple negative breast cancers, Ðenana Miodragović, Wenan Qiang, Zohra Sattar Waxali, Željko Vitnik, Vesna Vitnik, Yi Yang, Annie Farrell, Matthew Martin, Justin Ren, and Thomas V. O’halloran

Submissions from 2020

Development of a RP-HPLC method for determination of glucose in Shewanella oneidensis cultures utilizing 1-phenyl-3-methyl-5-pyrazolone derivatization, Norberto M. Gonzalez, Alanah Fitch, and John Al-Bazi

Submissions from 2018

Thiol-mediated chemoselective strategies for in situ formation of hydrogels, Jing Su

Submissions from 2017


Probing the Solvation Structure and Dynamics in Ionic Liquids by Time-Resolved Infrared Spectroscopy of 4-(dimethylamino)benzonitrile, R. A. Ando, Samantha Brown-Xu, L. N. Q. Nguyen, and T. L. Gustafson


Light-Induced Conformational Changes of S. aurantiaca: Bacteriophytochromes as Revealed by Atomic Force Microscopy, Rima Rebiai, Stefan Tsonchev, Kenneth T. Nicholson, and Emina Stojković