Submissions from 2021

Dynamic connectedness and spillovers across sectors: Evidence from the Indian stock market, Ioannis Chatziantoniou, David Gabauer, and Hardik A. Marfatia

Income segregation's impact on local public expenditures: Evidence from municipalities and school districts, 1980–2010, Ryan M. Gallagher

Machine Learning Predictions of Housing Market Synchronization across US States: The Role of Uncertainty, Rangan Gupta, Hardik A. Marfatia, Christian Pierdzioch, and Afees A. Salisu

The effect of capital flows on Asian/Euro exchange market pressure, Scott W. Hegerty

A cluster analysis of risk factors for cancer across EU countries: Health policy recommendations for prevention, Dawid Majcherek, Marzenna Anna Weresa, and Christina Ciecierski

Is the future really observable? A practical approach to model monetary policy rules, Hardik A. Marfatia

Modeling House Price Synchronization across the U.S. States and their Time-Varying Macroeconomic Linkages, Hardik A. Marfatia

Dynamic impact of the U.S. monetary policy on oil market returns and volatility, Hardik A. Marfatia, Rangan Gupta, and Esin Cakan

Electronic nicotine delivery systems: use, knowledge, and attitudes among diverse college students, Matthew Olonoff, Raymond S. Niaura, Christina C. Ciecierski, Jody D. Ciolino, and Brian Hitsman

House price synchronization across the US states: The role of structural oil shocks, Xin Sheng, Hardik A. Marfatia, Rangan Gupta, and Qiang Ji

Submissions from 2020

Estimating Excess Sensitivity and Habit Persistence in Consumption Using Greenbook Forecasts, Vipul Bhatt, N. Kundan Kishor, and Hardik Marfatia

Effects of Conventional and Unconventional Monetary Policy Shocks on Housing Prices in the United States: The Role of Sentiment, Petre Caraiani, Rangan Gupta, Chi Keung Marco Lau, and Hardik Marfatia

Networking competence and its impact on the employability of knowledge workers, Marzena Fryczyńska and Christina Ciecierski

Heterogeneity of birth-state effects on internal migration, Ryan M. Gallagher and Joseph Persky

Effect of uncertainty on U.S. stock returns and volatility: evidence from over eighty years of high-frequency data, Rangan Gupta, Hardik Marfatia, and Eric Olson

“Banking Deserts,” Bank Branch Losses, and Neighborhood Socioeconomic Characteristics in the City of Chicago: A Spatial and Statistical Analysis, Scott W. Hegerty

Macroeconomic volatility, monetary union, and external exposure: Evidence from five Eurozone members, Scott W. Hegerty

Structural breaks and regional inflation convergence for five new Euro members, Scott W. Hegerty

Understanding regional risk factors for cancer: A cluster analysis of lifestyle, environment and socio-economic status in Poland, Dawid Majcherek, Marzenna Anna Weresa, and Christina Ciecierski

Evaluating the forecasting power of foreign Country's income growth: a global analysis, Hardik Marfatia

Forecasting inter connections in international housing markets: Evidence from the dynamic model averaging approach, Hardik Marfatia

Investors’ risk perceptions in the US and global stock market integration, Hardik Marfatia

Time-frequency linkages of international housing markets and macroeconomic drivers, Hardik Marfatia

Predicting Housing Market Sentiment: The Role of Financial, Macroeconomic and Real Estate Uncertainties, Hardik Marfatia, Christophe André, and Rangan Gupta

125 ​Years of time-varying effects of fiscal policy on financial markets, Hardik Marfatia, Rangan Gupta, and Stephen Miller

Uncovering the global network of economic policy uncertainty, Hardik Marfatia, Wan Li Zhao, and Qiang Ji

Submissions from 2019

Geopolitical Risks and Movements in Islamic Bond and Equity Markets: A Note, Elie Bouri, Riza Demirer, Rangan Gupta, and Hardik Marfatia

Oil speculation and herding behavior in emerging stock markets, Esin Cakan, Rıza Demirer, Rangan Gupta, and Hardik Marfatia

Monetary policy co-movement and spillover of shocks among BRICS economies, Semih Emre Cekin, Menelik S. Geremew, and Hardik Marfatia

Restrictive zoning’s deleterious impact on the local education property tax base: Evidence from zoning district boundaries and municipal finances, Ryan Gallagher

The geography of family differences and intergenerational mobility, Ryan Gallagher, Robert Kaestner, and Joseph Persky

Price jumps in developed stock markets: the role of monetary policy committee meetings, Rangan Gupta, Chi Keng Marco Lau, Ruipeng Liu, and Hardik Marfatia

The dynamic relationship among the money market mutual funds, the commercial paper market, and the repo market, Majid Haghani Rizi, N. Kundan Kishor, and Hardik Marfatia

Commodity prices, credit cycles, and consumption in Russia, Ukraine, and Belarus, Scott Hegerty

Common baltic-nordic business cycles: Correlation-versus markov-switching approaches, Scott Hegerty

Do capital flows drive credit growth and consumption in Central and Eastern Europe?, Scott Hegerty

The rust belt, the sunbelt, and the concentration of poverty within large U.S. cities, Scott Hegerty

Unhealthy behavior clustering and mental health status in United States college students, Nancy C. Jao, Laura D. Robinson, Peter J. Kelly, Christina Ciecierski, and Brian Hitsman

Adaptation of a proactive smoking cessation intervention to increase tobacco quitline use by LGBT smokers, Alicia K. Matthews, Elizabeth Breen, Anna Veluz-Wilkins, Christina Ciecierski, Melissa Simon, Diane Burrell, and Brian Hitsman

Time-varying response of treasury yields to monetary policy shocks: Evidence from the Tunisian bond market, Lassaâd Mbarek, Hardik Marfatia, and Sonja Juko

Building cross-institutional collaborative infrastructure and processes: Early lessons from the chicago cancer health equity collaborative, Melissa A. Simon, Marian Fitzgibbon, Christina Ciecierski, Jennifer M. Cooper, Erica Martinez, Laura Tom, Jacqueline Kanoon, Joseph Feinglass, Richard Warnecke, Moira Stuart, Michael Stern, Lidia Filus, and Robert A. Winn

Submissions from 2018

The real peso–dollar rate and US–Mexico industry trade: an asymmetric analysis, Mohsen Bahmani-Oskooee, Hanafiah Harvey, and Scott Hegerty


The Growth of Local Education Transfers: Explaining How Older Households Have Supported Schools, Ryan Gallagher, J. Persky, and H. Kurban


The Impact of Unconventional Monetary Policy Shocks in the U.S. on Emerging Market REITs, R. Gupta and Hardik A. Marfatia


Exchange Market Pressure, Stock Prices, and Commodity Prices East of the Euro, Scott W. Hegerty

Information spillover across international real estate investment trusts: Evidence from an entropy-based network analysis, Qiang Ji, Hardik Marfatia, and Rangan Gupta

Forecasting house prices in OECD economies, N. Kundan Kishor and Hardik Marfatia

Estimating the New Keynesian Phillips Curve for the UK: Evidence from the inflation-indexed bonds market, Hardik Marfatia

High frequency impact of monetary policy and macroeconomic surprises on us msas, aggregate us housing returns and asymmetric volatility, Wendy Nyakabawo, Rangan Gupta, and Hardik Marfatia

Submissions from 2017

The Japanese trade balance and asymmetric effects of yen fluctuations: Evidence using nonlinear methods, Mohsen Bahmani-Oskooee, Hanafiah Harvey, and Scott Hegerty

Inflation Volatility, Monetary Policy, and Exchange-Rate Regimes in Central and Eastern Europe: Evidence from Parametric and Nonparametric Analyses, Scott Hegerty


Common Cycles and Baltic-Nordic Economic Integration, Scott W. Hegerty


Crime, Housing Tenure, and Economic Deprivation: Evidence from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Scott W. Hegerty

The Dynamic Relationship Between Housing Prices and the Macroeconomy: Evidence from OECD Countries, N. Kundan Kishor and Hardik Marfatia


Forecasting House Prices in OECD Economies, N. Kundan Kishor and Hardik A. Marfatia

A fresh look at integration of risks in the international stock markets: A wavelet approach, Hardik Marfatia

The international REIT's time-varying response to the U.S. monetary policy and macroeconomic surprises, Hardik Marfatia, Rangan Gupta, and Esin Cakan

Submissions from 2016

GARCH-based versus traditional measures of exchange-rate volatility: Evidence from Korean industry trade, Mohsen Bahmani-Oskooee, Jungho Baek, and Scott Hegerty

Mexican bilateral trade and the J-curve: An application of the nonlinear ARDL model, Mohsen Bahmani-Oskooee, Ferda Halicioglu, and Scott Hegerty

Third-country exchange rate volatility and Japanese–US trade: evidence from industry-level data, Mohsen Bahmani-Oskooee, Scott Hegerty, and Dan Xi

The fiscal externality of multifamily housing and its impact on the property tax: Evidence from cities and schools, 1980–2010, Ryan Gallagher

Commercial bank locations and “banking deserts”: a statistical analysis of Milwaukee and Buffalo, Scott Hegerty

Commodity-price volatility and macroeconomic spillovers: Evidence from nine emerging markets, Scott Hegerty

The Role of Push and Pull Factors in Driving Global Capital Flows, Hardik Marfatia

Institutional alliances to reduce cancer disparities in Chicago, Melissa A. Simon, Emily L. Malin, Brian L. Hitsman, Christina Ciecierski, David E. Victorson, Jennifer R. Banas, Moira Stuart, Tracy Luedke, and David Cella