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Most certainly “good styles of teaching” match the needs of students. As technology distractions within society grow more and more tearing students away from a classroom’s pedagogy, it becomes even more important today for teachers to find effective ways to engage students. Cinema clips is one-way educators can apply a cultural value driven pedagogy to connect students to lessons. For one, the use of cinema clips allows teachers to use multi-media resources to translate or deconstruct a lesson through video and auditory mechanism. Furthermore, it offers a differentiated style of teaching for students. What makes the use of Cinema clips noteworthy is its ability to provide students with multi-faceted information and different perspectives about an instructional topic. Quite honestly, there is nothing new about teachers applying cinema clips to connect students to learning content. What is different is how such a method adds cultural value and instructional meaning for students and teachers in a classroom. When appropriately and strategically aligned, cinema clips promote powerful discussion webs and project-based learning assignments while at the same time creating a different set of menu options for students to choose. Simply just showing a movie to show a movie is “bad teaching practice.” However, when used strategically, cinema clips provide teachers with the effective means to combat boredom aligning modern tech devices into a classroom experience.


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