Submissions from 2021

The influence of orbital parameters on the North American Monsoon system during the Last Interglacial Period, Nadja Insel and Max Berkelhammer

Deriving Land and Water Surface Elevations in the Northeastern Yucatán Peninsula Using PPK GPS and UAV-Based Structure from Motion, Thomas J. Pingel, Andrea Saavedra, and Lillian Cobo

Submissions from 2020

Seaweed invasion! Temporal changes in beach conditions lead to increasing cenote usage and contamination in the Riviera Maya, Diego Armando Casas-Beltrán, Courtney Maloof Gallaher, Emely Hernandez Yac, Karelys Febles Moreno, Kenneth Voglesonger, Rosa María Leal-Bautista, and Melissa Lenczewski

Atrazine removal from water by activated charcoal cloths, Javier M. Gonzalez, Lynnette R. Murphy, Chad J. Penn, Veera M. Boddu, and Laura Sanders

Preferential flow of surface-applied solutes: Effect of lysimeter design and initial soil water content, Mark R. Williams, Oscar Coronel, Scott J. McAfee, and Laura L. Sanders

Submissions from 2019

Direct measurements of copper speciation in basaltic glasses: understanding the relative roles of sulfur and oxygen in copper complexation in melts, Antonio Lanzirotti, Lopaka Lee, Elisabet Head, Stephen R. Sutton, Matthew Newville, Molly McCanta, Allan H. Lerner, and Paul J. Wallace

Submissions from 2018


Vanadium, Sulfur, and Iron Valences in Melt Inclusions as a Window into Magmatic Processes: A Case Study at Nyamuragira Volcano, Africa, Elisabet M. Head, Antonio Lanzirotti, Matthew Newville, and Stephen Sutton


Accurate Predictions of Microscale Oxygen Barometry in Basaltic Glasses Using V K-edge X-ray Absorption Spectroscopy: A Multivariate Approach, Antonio Lanzirotti, M. Darby Dyar, Stephen Sutton, Matthew Newville, Elisabet M. Head, CJ Carey, Molly McCanta, Lopaka Lee, Penelope L. King, and John Jones

Bioenergetic Constraints on Microbial Hydrogen Utilization in Precambrian Deep Crustal Fracture Fluids, Jon Telling, Ken Voglesonger, Chelsea N. Sutcliffe, Georges Lacrampe-Couloume, Elizabeth Edwards, and Barbara Sherwood Lollar


Isotopic (δ18O and δ2H) Integrity of Water Samples Collected and Stored by Automatic Samplers, Mark R. Williams, Jessica L. Lartey, and Laura L. Sanders