Social bases for resource conflicts in areas of reverse migration

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This chapter provides empirical support for the notion that resource conflicts are likely to increase in rural communities affected by reverse migration. It is concerned with how rural communities have changed as a result of growth, and the implications of those changes for resource management. The chapter focuses on small towns and unincorporated rural areas that grew as a result of reverse migration rather than on areas of suburban or industrial growth. It presents evidence suggesting that culture clash applies to questions of resource management and development. The chapter also provides case study evidence from the literature and summarizes the results of several studies of reverse migration in Michigan, suggesting some additional forms of growth-related conflicts that cannot be explained by the culture clash model. It offers the concept of cultural infusion as an integrative framework that expands the culture clash perspective to include organizational and environmental factors important for understanding resource conflicts in areas of rapid growth.



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Community and Forestry: Continuities in the Sociology of Natural Resources

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