Submissions from 2021

Development and Initial Validation of Three Culturally Sensitive Measures of Intimate Partner Violence for Sexual and Gender Minority Populations, Christina Dyar, Adam M. Messinger, Michael E. Newcomb, Gayle R. Byck, Parks Dunlap, and Sarah W. Whitton

Transgender Intimate Partner Violence and Help-Seeking Patterns, Victoria Kurdyla, Adam M. Messinger, and Milka Ramirez

Perceptions of Same-Gender and Different-Gender Intimate Partner Cyber-Monitoring, Adam M. Messinger, Rachel S. Birmingham, and Walter S. DeKeseredy

Sexual and Gender Minority Intimate Partner Violence and Childhood Violence Exposure, Adam M. Messinger, Christina Dyar, Rachel S. Birmingham, Michael E. Newcomb, and Sarah W. Whitton

Transgender Polyvictimization in the U.S. Transgender Survey, Adam M. Messinger, Xavier L. Guadalupe-Diaz, and Victoria Kurdyla

Intimate Partner Violence Help-Seeking in the U.S. Transgender Survey, Adam M. Messinger, Victoria Kurdyla, and Xavier L. Guadalupe-Diaz

Bidirectional IPV Among Adolescent Sexual Minorities, Adam M. Messinger, Stephanie N. Sessarego, Katie M. Edwards, and Victoria L. Banyard

Submissions from 2020

Teaching about Latino immigration with a focus on social justice, Maria de la Torre

Submissions from 2019

Intimate Partner Violence Victimization among Heterosexual, Gay, Lesbian and Bisexual College Students: The Role of Pro-Abuse Peer Support, Walter S. DeKeseredy, James Nolan, Amanda Hall-Sanchez, and Adam M. Messinger


Handbook of Research on Promoting Peace Through Practice, Academia, and the Arts, Mohamed Walid Lutfy (Editor) and Cris Toffolo (Editor)

Sexual violence in LGBTQ communities, Adam M. Messinger and Sarah Koon-Magnin


Richard Quinney: A Journey of Discovery, Dragan Milovanovic and Clemens Bartollas

A Longitudinal Study of IPV Victimization Among Sexual Minority Youth, Sarah W. Whitton, Michael E. Newcomb, Adam M. Messinger, Gayle Byck, and Brian Mustanski

Submissions from 2018

Bidirectional Same-Gender and Sexual Minority Intimate Partner Violence, Adam Messinger


Perceptions of Same-Gender and Different-Gender Intimate Partner Cyber-Monitoring, Adam Messinger and Rachel S. Birmingham

Transgender intimate partner violence and aging, Adam Messinger and Jennifer Roark

Postmodern criminology, Dragan Milovanovic


Touching You, Touching Me in Law and Justice: Toward a Quantum Holographic Process Informational Understanding, Dragan Milovanovic


Presidential Conflict in Côte d'Ivoire: Governance, Political Power, and Social Justice, T.Y. Okosun

Submissions from 2017

Quantum holography and agency: Toward a formalism of schema QD, Zoltan Batiz and Dragan Milovanovic

Parenting in infancy and self-regulation in preschool: an investigation of the role of attachment history, Rachel Birmingham, K. L. Bub, and B. E. Vaughn

Constitutive criminology: Origins, core concepts, and evaluation, Stuart Henry and Dragan Milovanovic

Submissions from 2016

Parenting in Infancy and Self-Regulation in Preschool: An Investigation of the Role of Attachment History, Rachel S. Birmingham, K. L. Bub, and B. E. Vaughn

Submissions from 2014


Challenges in Conducting Surveys of Political Extremists, T. P. Johnson, A. L. Holbrook, and Keith Atterberry

Submissions from 2009


Grand Illusion: The Myth of Voter Choice in a Two-Party Tyranny, Theresa A. Amato J.D.