Submissions from 2021

Idiosyncratic voting in the UNGA death penalty moratorium resolutions, Daniel Pascoe and Sangmin Bae

Submissions from 2020

Changing roles of the eu and asean on peace in the Korean Peninsula, Sangmin Bae and Martyn de Bruyn

Submissions from 2019

History Has Its Eyes on You: Hamilton and the Introductory American Government Course, William Adler


The BDS and Anti-BDS Campaigns: Propaganda War vs. Legislative Interest-Group Articulation, Ellen Cannon


Elites and Foreign Actors Among the Alt-Right: The Gab Social Media Platform, Yuchen Zhou, Mark Dredze, David A. Broniatowski, and William D. Adler

Submissions from 2018

Active in Not Being Active (AINBA): how East Asian powers accept R2P, Sangmin Bae, Amy Infanzon, and Michael Abbe

Submissions from 2017

The Russian Federation and the West: The problem of international order, Aleksandar Jankovski


Stand Your Ground Laws, Gregory Neddenriep and Eron McCormick

The early electoral contests of Senator Barack Obama: A longitudinal analysis, Hanes Walton and Robert Starks

Submissions from 2016

Administrative leader as hero: Yochanan ben Zakkai and the rebuilding of post- Temple Jewish organizational structure, William Adler and Hershey H. Friedman

Death penalty moratorium in south korea: Norms, institutions and leadership1, Sangmin Bae

The abolitionist movement in death penalty-friendly Asia: The cases of South Korea and Taiwan, Sangmin Bae

From Laeken to Lisbon: Europe's experiment with constitutional federalism, Martyn de Bruyn

Russia and the united states: On irritants, friction, and international order or what can we learn from hedley bull?, Aleksandar Jankovski


Legislative Veto, Gregory Neddenriep