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Everyday life in Central Asia : past and present
Jeff Sahadeo and Russell Zanca


Is Kindness an Attractive Trait
Sharon Hohl, Julia Mayen, Art Naiditch, Sandra N Paz Sosa, Jeny Vazquez Perez, Sara Teran, David Ortiz, and Rosario Cruz


Your Bill of Health: Understanding the Relationship between Your Personal Financial Literacy and Health Status
Kylie Townsend, Romeo Advincula, Gabriela Correa, Walter Evale, Mesky Holt, Kevin Moreno, Dominick Sanakiewicz, Alex Shipko, Jonathan Vazquez, and Veronica Vera-Lema


Can High Working Memory Improve Math Learning and Help Close the Achievement Gap?
Michele Ocana, Jan Rodriguez-Cruz, Jackelyn Castaneda, Samantha Macksey, and Kayla Nuszen


The Effects of Exclusion and Inclusion on Creativity
Michelle Vargas, Denita Aguayo, Hortensia Rotar, Nicholas Koukis, Erin Chumrley, Brian Long, Andrew Medrano, and Volo Skyba

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