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Deconstructing a Complex Obsidian “Source-Scape”: A Geoarchaeological and Geochemical Approach in Northwestern Patagonia
Ramiro Barberena, María V. Fernández, Agustina A. Rughini, Karen Borrazzo, Raven Garvey, Gustavo Lucero, Claudia Della Negra, Guadalupe Romero Villanueva, Victor Durán, Valeria Cortegoso, Martín Giesso, Catherine Klesner, Brandi L. MacDonald, and Michael D. Glascock


The Vietnamese Refugees Arrive in America
William T. Liu and Alice Murata


Perceptions of the Effectiveness of Apology in Reconciliation among Respondents from Japan, South Korea, and the United States
Maki Sakuma, Helena Castanheira, Etsuko Hoshino-Browne, Alice Murata, and Kathleen Malley-Morrison


Coffee Break
Northeastern Illinois University


The Moral of the Story
Taylor Fujisawa


Family Divinity
Edgar Cruz

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