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The Morphological Effects of Artificial Light at Night (ALAN) on Amphibian Predators and Prey Are Masked at the Community Level
Grascen Shidemantle, Jurnee Blackwood, Kelsey Horn, Isabela Velasquez, Beth Reinke, and Jessica Hua


People-Powered Research and Experiential Learning: Unravelling Hidden Biodiversity
Melanie Pivarski, Matt von Konrat, Tom Campbell, and numerous other co-authors


The Drosophila Mutagen-Sensitivity Gene mus109 Encodes DmDNA2
Chandani Mitchell, Vada Becker, Jordan DeLoach, Erica Nestore, Elyse Bolterstein, and Kathryn P. Kohl

*Updated as of 06/04/23.