Submissions from 2020

Remembrance–Toward Righteousness and Reparations, Iva Carruthers

Submissions from 2019

The erotic as resistance: queer resistance at a militarized charter school, Brooke Johnson

Engaging African American men as citizen scientists to validate a prostate cancer biomarker: Work-in-progress, Karriem S. Watson, Vida Henderson, Marcus Murray, Adam B. Murphy, Josef Ben Levi, Tiffany McDowell, Alfreda Holloway-Beth, Pooja Gogana, Michael A. Dixon, Leandre Moore, Ivanhoe Hall, Alexander Kimbrough, Yamilé Molina, and Robert A. Winn

Submissions from 2018

Educating for war: Militarization and the manufacturing of consent through public schooling, Brooke Johnson

Reconceptualizing Historic and Contemporary Violence Against African Americans as Savage White American Terror (SWAT), Zoe Spencer and Olivia Perlow

Submissions from 2017

When housing is not enough: Chicago public housing residents become economic developers, Roberta M. Feldman, Susan Stall, and Patricia A. Wright

African American mothers' parenting in the midst of violence and fear: Finding meaning and transcendence, Ruby Mendenhall, Loren Henderson, and Barbara Scott

Gettin' free: Anger as resistance to white supremacy within and beyond the academy, Olivia Perlow