Submissions from 2022


Studying stimuli and smoking behaviors among self-identified gifted smokers and strategies for customizing cessation support, Danae Deligeorges, Michele Kane, and Paraskevi Katsaounou


Colombian Parents of Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder: Perceptions, Experiences, and Expectations, Marie Tejero Huges, Sandra Magaña, Wendy Gonzales, Giselle Núñez, and Marisol Moreno-Angitara

Submissions from 2021

Leveraging a Spanish Literacy Intervention to Support Outcomes of English Learners, Wendy Gonzales and Marie Tejero Hughes

Stemming exclusionary school discipline: implementing culturally attuned positive behavior practices, Gerardo Moreno

Submissions from 2020

Enhanced Well-Being Through Mindfulness: Supporting the Gifted Adolescent Journey, Michele Kane

Submissions from 2018

Creating a culture of calm: Mindfulness unfolding in the classroom, Michele Kane

Moving away from zero tolerance policies: Examination of illinois educator preparedness in addressing student behavior, Gerardo Moreno and Michael Scaletta

Submissions from 2017

Investigation on the practice of the functional behavioral assessment: Survey of educators and their experiences in the field, Gerardo Moreno, Mickie Wong-Lo, and Lyndal M. Bullock

Submissions from 2016

Ageless and Timeless: Perspectives on Giftedness Across the Life Span, Ellen Fiedler

Beyond standardized thinking: Promoting creativity in the classroom, Ellen Fiedler

My Journey With Annemarie Roeper: Lessons Learned Along the Way, Michele Kane

Submissions from 2013


Focus on Latino Learners: Developing a Foundational Understanding of Latino Cultures to Cultivate Student Success, Gerardo Moreno and Francisco X. Gaytán


Reducing Subjectivity in Special Education Referrals by Educators Working with Latino Students: Using Functional Behavioral Assessment as a Pre-Referral Practice in Student Support Teams, Gerardo Moreno and Francisco X. Gaytán