Beyond standardized thinking: Promoting creativity in the classroom

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Teaching for creativity regularly vanishes in schools when the emphasis on a standardized curriculum and high scores on standardized tests is of paramount importance. The needs of bright, creative students are too often neglected by even the most concerned teachers who seldom know how to incorporate creativity into the requirements and expectations of school systems who systematically promote standardized thinking thereby doing a disservice to teachers and students alike. Triedand-true teaching methods including using known models for questioning and thinking can help teachers be more successful in providing appropriate educational opportunities for creative students in their classrooms. Providing students with freedom of choice and the use of assessment alternatives, along with considering teaching style and classroom climate, can have meaningful and positive results. These and other strategies such as Creative Problem Solving and PMI that can be applied across curriculum domains are effective tools for teachers to respond to the unique characteristics and intensity of their bright, creative students as well as helping teachers foster creativity in students whose imaginative abilities may have previously gone unseen.

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Creativity in Gifted Children

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