Submissions from 2023


“This Person is Safe”: An Exemplar of Conducting Individual Interviews in Qualitative Research with Black Women, Quenette Walton, Olulbunmi Oyewuwo, and other co-authors

Submissions from 2022


“This Person is Safe”: An Exemplar of Conducting Individual Interviews in Qualitative Research with Black Women, Quenette Walton, Priscilla P. Kennedy, Olulbunmi Oyewuwo, and Phylicia Allen

Submissions from 2021

Challenges and Barriers to HIV Care for Mexican Born Men Living in Chicago, Patricia Aguado, Susan Ryerson-Espino, and Pamela Vergara-Rodriguez

The preliminary efficacy of Caring of Caregivers Organically (CoCO) health education program on the health of Latina caregivers of persons with Alzheimer's disease and related dementias, Jacqueline Guzman, Judith Susan Rocha, Yuliana Soto, and Susan Aguiñaga

Exploring Maternal Health in Ethiopia Using Indigenous Approaches: Policy and Practice Implications, Aissetu Barry Ibrahima

Indigenous methods and knowledge: Maternal health policy and practice in Ethiopia, Africa, Aissetu B. Ibrahima and Brian L. Kelly

Submissions from 2019

Coping Strategies Utilized by Middle-Aged and Older Latino Caregivers of Loved Ones with Alzheimer’s Disease and Related Dementia, Guilherme M. Balbim, Isabela G. Marques, Claudia Cortez, Melissa Magallanes, Judith Rocha, and David X. Marquez

Camaraderie, collaboration, and capacity building: A qualitative examination of school social workers in a year long professional learning community, Andrew Brake and Michael S. Kelly

Submissions from 2018

Treatment for School Refusal Among Children and Adolescents: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis, Brandy R. Maynard, David Heyne, Kristen Esposito Brendel, Jeffery Bulanda, Aaron M. Thompson, and Terri D. Pigott

Traversing gender, sexual orientation, and race-ethnicity: Sexual victimization in a population-based sample of older adults, Milka Ramirez and Jin Kim

Submissions from 2017

Are older adults who participate in the supplemental nutrition assistance program healthier than eligible nonparticipants? Evidence from the health and retirement study, Jin Kim

Collective Leadership and Circles: Not Invented Here, Mark Mattaini and Casey Holtschneider

Child Trafficking and Child Welfare, Amanda West

Submissions from 2016

A Trauma-Informed Model for Empowerment Programs Targeting Vulnerable Youth, Jeffrey Bulanda and Trisha Byro Johnson

Is Regional Income Inequality Associated With the Individual Health of Older Adults? Evidence From the Health and Retirement Study, Jin Kim

When Traumatic Stressors are Not Past, But Now: Psychosocial Treatment to Develop Resilience with Children and Youth Enduring Concurrent, Complex Trauma, Katherine Tyson McCrea, Deanna Guthrie, and Jeffrey Bulanda

Evaluation of a support group for Ebola hotline workers in Sierra Leone, Diddy Mymin Kahn, Jeffrey Bulanda, Andra Weissberger, Sulaiman Jalloh, Edward Von Villa, and Alfred Williams

Recentering our tendencies: Immigrant youth development and the importance of context in social work research, Benjamin J. Roth, Florian Sichling, and Andrew Brake