Submissions from 2021

The Effect of Additional Time on the Quality of Argumentation in L2 Writing Assessment: A Mixed-methods Study, Senyung Lee, Gad S. Lim, and Rachel Basse

Towards Improved Assessment of L2 Collocation Knowledge, Senyung Lee and Sun Young Shin

Corpus-Based Vocabulary Analysis of English Podcasts, Ulugbek Nurmukhamedov and Shoaziz Sharakhimov

Marking of tense and agreement in language samples by children with and without specific language impairment in african american english and southern white english: Evaluation of scoring approaches and cut scores across structures, Janna B. Oetting, Andrew M. Rivière, Jessica R. Berry, Kyomi D. Gregory, Tina M. Villa, and Janet McDonald

Examining the effects of different English speech varieties on an L2 academic listening comprehension test at the item level, Sun Young Shin, Senyung Lee, and Ryan Lidster

Submissions from 2020

How useful is each item in the Sport Spectator Identification Scale?: an item response theory analysis, Kyungyeol Anthony Kim, Senyung Lee, and Kevin K. Byon

Submissions from 2019

Lexical coverage and profiling, Ulugbek Nurmukhamedov and Stuart Webb

Submissions from 2018

Use of collocations in freshman composition: Implications for L1 English and Arabic ESL writers, Asif Qureshi and Ulugbek Nurmukhamedov

Submissions from 2017

The contribution of collocation tools to collocation correction in second language writing, Ulugbek Nurmukhamedov

Submissions from 2016

Illusory vowels in perceptual epenthesis: The role of phonological alternations, Karthik Durvasula and Jimin Kahng


The Role of Phrasal Phonology in Speech Perception: What Perceptual Epenthesis Shows Us, Karthik Durvasula and Jimin Khang

Submissions from 2015


Illusory Vowels in Perceptual Epenthesis: The Role of Phonological Alternations, Karthik Durvasula and Jimin Khang


The Accuracy of Computer-Assisted Feedback and Students’ Responses to It, Elizabeth Lavolette, Charlene Polio, and Jimin Khang

Submissions from 2014


Exploring Utterance and Cognitive Fluency of L1 and L2 English Speakers: Temporal Measures and Stimulated Recall, Jimin Khang

Submissions from 2012


Review of Criterion for English Language Learning, Hyojung Lim and Jimin Khang

Submissions from 2006


Needs Analysis of 6th-9th Graders at an English Writing Camp: English Writing Proficiency and Needs on English Writing, Jimin Khang