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Fall 2006


This study is to analyze needs of the students and the teachers in English writing for the betterment of a one-week English writing camp program. The participants of the study were 94 students, who enrolled in the writing camp, and 10 English native teachers in the camp. Three goals of the current study are 1) to examine the camp students’ level of English writing, 2) to analyze needs of the students and teachers of the camp, and, finally 3) to investigate the relationship between students’ level of English writing and various learner factors. In order to examine the students’ level of writing ability, an English writing test was designed on the basis of the 7th National Curriculum of Korea. The needs analysis survey for the students covered the current situation of studying English and English writing, perception of writing, preferred writing activities, etc. The teachers’ survey contained questions on their background and opinions on the existing writing camp program. In the process of investigating the relationship between the writing level and learner factors, MANOVA and a stepwise multiple regression were performed. The results of the test and survey results of the students and the teachers are discussed along with the research implications for further study.


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English Teaching

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