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Justice Studies

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Maurice McFarlin, J.D.


This project introduces and reviews, what is the pro se (representing oneself) litigant dilemma in the legal system. The study of courses originally labeled Criminal Justice, currently titled Justice Studies adds a birds-eye view to this project. That coupled with the inclusions of my involvement in the actual legal system creates my own Global Positioning System on this endeavor to disarm the system.

The paper will examine a brief but interesting novelty from earlier history when it was a privilege to stand on your own two feet and anyone who wanted to represent you was forbidden to accept pay. The Claw Machine (Claw), described as a whimsical, boxed arcade game of articulate skills is introduced as a mechanical manifestation of an idealogical litmus test of prudence. Publications are presented to enlighten the pro se litigant with court system procedures. Literature about pro se litigants is reviewed. Examination of my personal experience as a pro litigant are reviewed.

In conclusion, this thesis has measured more than the depth and width of the paradigm assigned to a pro se litigant by the system. Its inclusions of past, present and precedents, adds focus on the void of status, creating a datum seldom realized by victims of the court system. The state must ensure that pro se litigants be afforded respect, courtesy, and assistance that attorneys receive in the courts to eliminate that void of status previously mentioned.

This is a modern world. Technology has run so fast that it has caught up with itself. Yet the court system refuses to avail of these modern models. The legal system might as well continue to horde tons of information on eighty column data cards, processed through Univac 1005 main frames. Any court case can be properly digitized allowing for all applicable data to be readily accessible. I know, for I did submit digital files to the court system genre prior to its public appearance.