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Ashley Elrod, Ph.D.


This project focuses on the ongoing scientific paradigm shift in the field of mental health. It presents historical and current information as well as explores possibilities for the future in the context of a podcast series. Each episode has a specific theme. A different co-host participates in the episodes on the history, current circumstances, and future possibilities of mental health. The nature of the ongoing scientific paradigm shift is such that previously proposed medically based hypotheses for mental illness have not been supported adequately by subsequent research. A substantial internal controversy in the field of mental health has resulted, which remains obscured from the public. Meanwhile, the unsubstantiated medical hypotheses of the previous paradigm arrive at and persist in the public consciousness. This podcast series seeks to apply current research, the expertise of co-hosts, and the experiences of the content creator with the mental health system to engage with the ongoing paradigm shift. The intent of this podcast series is to illuminate the true nature of the science in the field of mental health as well as to offer informed suggestions to raise general awareness of the paradigm shift.