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Social Work

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Casey Holtschneider, Ph.D.


The objective of this research is to determine how LGBTQ+ youth benefit from the series of programming created for them by Youth Services of Glenview/Northbrook. This study specifically focused on the PrideLEAD group, which is made up of high school students who identify as LGBTQ+, who are there to learn leadership skills. This study focused on how the program impacts their self-esteem, their confidence, the way they view the world, the way they handle discrimination when they are faced with it, and how they view their own strengths and challenges as leaders. The survey sought to answer three specific questions - (1) What types of discrimination have students faced at home, in school, etc., and what was done to correct the problem? (2) What positive effects does being a member of the PrideLEAD team have on their self-esteem? (3) What valuable skills have members gained from being on the PrideLEAD team that they can take into the world with them? Survey participants received a link to the online survey, and confidentiality and anonymity were assured. The research conducted showed that LGBTQ+ youth in the PrideLEAD program gain self-esteem, confidence, leadership skills, social skills, and adaptability. They also showed that although the teens had heard discriminatory language and some of it was directed at them, the PrideLEAD group helped them develop the social skills and provided them with the support to be able to handle it. Feelings of worthlessness, depression, anxiety and suicidal ideations are relatively low, and in many cases even nonexistent, among members of the group.

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