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Justice Studies

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Maurice McFarlin, J.D.


This is a literature review about how gang members utilize social media to incite gang violence offline to assist in the creation of a new special unit of the Chicago Police Department that will work together with gang violence prevention/gang violence reduction organizations to assist in reducing gang conflict/gang violence created on social media. There are studies that focus on how gang members use social media. The literature focuses on different aspects of how gang members and gangs use social media. “Internet banging” or “cyber banging” is a form of gang banging but on social media platforms. “Internet banging” or “cyber banging” is used to threat, provoke, and taunt rival gang members and gangs. “Internet banging” or “cyber banging” can incite violent reactions when gang members are responding and replying to each other on the internet. This can also lead to violence on the street. This literature review will describe and explain how gang members utilize social media to incite gang violence and gang murders offline and how can we use social media and other alternatives to prevent gang violence. In my research I have conducted a literature review of case studies regarding “internet banging” or “cyber banging”, how gangs and gang members use social media to “gang bang”, how has social media changed the way gangs interact or conduct gang actions, and how the Chicago Police Department polices social media.