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Management and Marketing

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Qiumei Xu, Ph.D.


Leaders’ efforts to sustain a competency advantage are tightly connected to their company’s ability to implement technology innovation. Property management allows decision making and team-leading processes to unfold new shapes again and again. However, little research has examined these dynamics. This study examines the relationship between leadership styles and property management firm performance in the digital era. We focus on two leadership styles: Transactional Leadership and Transformational Leadership and propose that digitalization will moderate the relationship between different leadership styles and property management effectiveness. Using transactional and transformational leadership theories, we propose that both transformational and transactional leadership styles are positively related to the performance of property management organizations. However, with the higher level of digitalization, the relationship between transactional leadership and property management outcomes will be weakened, but the relationship between transformational leadership and property management will be strengthened. We propose to collect survey data from the property management leaders in a mid-western city and conduct regression analysis to analyze the data. The implications of this research are discussed.