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Management and Marketing

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Deepa Pillai, Ph.D.


Brand placement, or product placement, is a marketing communication tactic for promoting a brand through media platforms by embedding the brand within the content. It has been proved to be effective in creating product awareness within consumers as well as in altering or at least influencing consumer attitudes towards the brand. Negative brand placement on the other hand, places a brand in a bad light. As a marketing tactic, this can – theoretically – be placed by competitive brands, or the negative portrayal could occur organically as part of program content. It is in the marketer’s best interests to understand the impact that negative brand placements may have on consumer behavior. This thesis finds that while there has been a significant amount of academic research on typical, positive brand placements, research is lacking in the area of negative brand placement. Current research in this area is examined, followed by a future research proposition. The suggested research focuses on negative brand placement presented by talk show hosts using humor as an artistic expression, and its effects on consumer attitudes toward the brand. The findings are expected to fill the current gap in literature in this domain as well as have implications for marketing practitioners.

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