Submissions from 2022


Sex-related Differences in Aging Rate Are Associated with Sex Chromosome System in Amphibians, Hugo Cayuela, Beth Reinke, and 48 other co-authors


The Drosophila Mutagen-Sensitivity Gene mus109 Encodes DmDNA2, Chandani Mitchell, Vada Becker, Jordan DeLoach, Erica Nestore, Elyse Bolterstein, and Kathryn P. Kohl


People-Powered Research and Experiential Learning: Unravelling Hidden Biodiversity, Melanie Pivarski, Matt von Konrat, Tom Campbell, and numerous other co-authors


The Morphological Effects of Artificial Light at Night (ALAN) on Amphibian Predators and Prey Are Masked at the Community Level, Grascen Shidemantle, Jurnee Blackwood, Kelsey Horn, Isabela Velasquez, Beth Reinke, and Jessica Hua

Submissions from 2021

High-resolution crystal structures of transient intermediates in the phytochrome photocycle, Melissa Carrillo, Suraj Pandey, Juan Sanchez, Moraima Noda, Ishwor Poudyal, Luis Aldama, Tek Narsingh Malla, Elin Claesson, Weixiao Yuan Wahlgren, Denisse Feliz, Vukica Šrajer, Michał Maj, Leticia Castillon, So Iwata, Eriko Nango, Rie Tanaka, Tomoyuki Tanaka, Luo Fangjia, Kensuke Tono, Shigeki Owada, Sebastian Westenhoff, Emina A. Stojković, and Marius Schmidt

Bioinformatic Teaching Resources – For Educators, by Educators – Using KBase, a Free, User-Friendly, Open Source Platform, Ellen G. Dow, Elisha M. Wood-Charlson, Steven J. Biller, Timothy Paustian, Aaron Schirmer, Cody S. Sheik, Jason M. Whitham, Rose Krebs, Carlos C. Goller, Benjamin Allen, Zachary Crockett, and Adam P. Arkin

Characterization of stress responses in a drosophila model of werner syndrome, Derek G. Epiney, Charlotte Salameh, Deirdre Cassidy, Luhan T. Zhou, Joshua Kruithof, Rolan Milutinović, Tomas S. Andreani, Aaron E. Schirmer, and Elyse Bolterstein

Microsatellite Markers Reveal Unprecedented High Frequencies of Hybridization among Typha Species in the Midwestern US, Pamela Geddes, Lynnette Murphy, Yaiyr Astudillo-Scalia, Davis Blasini, Sarah Nugent, María Jazmín Ríos, Aaron E. Schirmer, and Joel P. Olfelt

A Framework for Investigating Rules of Life by Establishing Zones of Influence, A. M. Michelle Lawing, Michael Mccoy, Beth A. Reinke, Susanta K. Sarkar, Felisa A. Smith, and Derek Wright

Lower variability in female students than male students at multiple timescales supports the use of sex as a biological variable in human studies, Benjamin L. Smarr, Annick Laure Ishami, and Aaron E. Schirmer

Submissions from 2020

Becoming a leader, Emily Booms

Atrazine removal from water by activated charcoal cloths, Javier M. Gonzalez, Lynnette R. Murphy, Chad J. Penn, Veera M. Boddu, and Laura L. Sanders

Fungi Are Capable of Mycoremediation of River Water Contaminated by E. coli, Andrea K. Pini and Pamela Geddes

Submissions from 2019

Proteostasis network deregulation signatures as biomarkers for pharmacological disease intervention, Marc Brehme, Angelina Sverchkova, and Cindy Voisine

Evidence for premature aging in a Drosophila model of Werner syndrome, Deirdre Cassidy, Derek G. Epiney, Charlotte Salameh, Luhan Zhou, Robert N. Salomon, Aaron E. Schirmer, Mitch McVey, and Elyse Bolterstein

Hiding in the lianas of the tree of life: Molecular phylogenetics and species delimitation reveal considerable cryptic diversity of New World Vine Snakes, Robert Jadin, Christopher Blair, Michael J. Jowers, Anthony Carmona, and John C. Murphy


Rhythmic Abdominal Pumping Movements in Praying Mantises (Insecta: Mantodea), Frederick R. Prete, Aaron E. Schirmer, Salim Patel, Christina Carrion, Greg M. Prete, Bart van Alphen, and Gavin J. Svenson

Prostate Stroma Increases the Viability and Maintains the Branching Phenotype of Human Prostate Organoids, Zachary Richards, Tara McCray, Joseph Marsili, Morgan L. Zenner, Jacob T. Manlucu, Jason Garcia, Andre Kajdacsy-Balla, Marcus Murray, Cindy Voisine, Adam B. Murphy, Sarki A. Abdulkadir, Gail S. Prins, and Larisa Nonn

High-resolution crystal structures of a myxobacterial phytochrome at cryo and room temperatures, Juan Sanchez, Melissa Carrillo, Suraj Pandey, Moraima Noda, Luis Aldama, Denisse Feliz, Elin Claesson, Weixiao Yuan Wahlgren, Gregory Tracy, Phu Duong, Angela C. Nugent, Andrew Field, Vukica Šrajer, Christopher Kupitz, So Iwata, Eriko Nango, Rie Tanaka, Tomoyuki Tanaka, Luo Fangjia, Kensuke Tono, Shigeki Owada, Sebastian Westenhoff, Marius Schmidt, and Emina A. Stojković


Mapping Behaviorally Relevant Light Pollution Levels to Improve Urban Habitat Planning, Aaron Schirmer, Caleb Gallemore, Ting Liu, Seth Magle, Elisabeth DiNello, Humerah Ahmed, and Thomas Gilday

A revised molecular phylogeny reveals polyphyly in Schistura (Teleostei: Cypriniformes: Nemacheilidae), Katherine Sgouros, Lawrence M. Page, Sarah Orlofske, and Robert Jadin

Submissions from 2018

The impact of stress on social behavior in adult zebrafish (Danio rerio), Shannon Saszik and Conor M. Smith


3.4 Million Real-World Learning Management System Logins Reveal the Majority of Students Experience Social Jet Lag Correlated with Decreased Performance, Benjamin L. Smarr and Aaron E. Schirmer


Relationships of Native and Exotic Strains of Phragmites australis to Wetland Ecosystem Properties, L. A. Volesky, S. Iqbal, J. J. Kelly, and Pamela Geddes


Using Citizen Science to Bridge Taxonomic Discovery with Education and Outreach, Matt von Konrat, Tom Campbell, Ben Carter, Matthew Greif, Mike Bryson, Juan Larraín, Laura Trouille, Steve Cohen, Eve Gaus, Ayesha Qazi, Eric Ribbens, Tatyana Livshultz, Taylor J. Walker, Tomomi Suwa, Taylor Peterson, Yarency Rodriguez, Caitlin Vaughn, Christina Yang, Selma Aburahmeh, Brian Carstensen, Peter de Lange, Charlie Delavoi, Kalman Strauss, Justyna Drag, Blanka Aguero, Chris Snyder, Joann Martinec, and Arfon Smith


Structural Basis for Light Control of Cell Development Revealed by Crystal Structures of a Myxobacterial Phytochrome, Nicole C. Woitowich, Andrei S. Halavaty, Patricia Waltz, Christopher Kupitz, Joseph Valera, Gregory Tracy, Kevin D. Gallagher, Elin Claesson, Takanori Nakane, Suraj Pandey, Garrett Nelson, Rie Tanaka, Eriko Nango, Eiichi Mizohata, Shigeki Owada, Kensure Tono, Yasumasa Joti, Angela C. Nugent, Hardik Patel, Ayesha Mapara, James Hopkins, Phu Duong, Dorina Bizhga, Svetlana E. Kovaleva, Rachel St. Peter, Cynthia N. Hernandez, Wesley B. Ozarowski, Shatabdi Roy-Chowdhuri, Jay-How Yang, Petra Edlund, Heikki Takala, Janne Ihalainen, Jennifer Brayshaw, Tyler Norwood, Ishwor Poudyal, Petra Fromme, John C.H. Spence, Keith Moffat, Sebastian Westenhoff, Marius Schmidt, and Emina A. Stojkovic

Submissions from 2017


Light-Induced Conformational Changes of S. aurantiaca: Bacteriophytochromes as Revealed by Atomic Force Microscopy, Rima Rebiai, Stefan Tsonchev, Kenneth T. Nicholson, and Emina Stojković

Submissions from 2016


Effects of Echinostoma trivolvis metacercariae infection during development and metamorphosis of the wood frog (Lithobates sylvaticus), Sarah A. Orlofske, Lisa K. Belden, and William A. Hopkins

Submissions from 2014

The Drosophila Werner Exonuclease Participates in an Exonuclease-Independent Response to Replication Stress, Elyse Bolterstein, Rachel Rivero, Melissa Marquez, and Mitch McVey


Denitrification in a Laurentian Great Lakes Coastal Wetland Invaded by Hybrid Cattail (Typha × Glauca), Shane C. Lishawa, KathiJo Jankowski, Pamela Geddes, Daniel J. Larkin, Andrew M. Monks, and Nancy C. Tuchman


Circadian Rhythms Affect Electroretinogram, Compound Eye Color, Striking Behavior and Locomotion of the Praying Mantis Hierodula patellifera, Aaron E. Schirmer, Frederick R. Prete, Edgar S. Mantes, Andrew F. Urdiales, and Wil Bogue

Submissions from 2013


Influenza A Virus Entry: Implications in Virulence and Future Therapeutics, Emily Rumschlag-Booms and Lijun Rong


Impact of Pre-Columbian Agriculture, Climate Change, and Tectonic Activity Inferred From a 5,700-Year Paleolimnological Record from Lake Nicaragua, Jennifer E. Slate, Thomas C. Johnson, and Ted C. Moore

Submissions from 2012

A High-Throughput Assay to Identify Small-Molecule Modulators of Alternative Pre-mRNA Splicing, Ahmet Dirim Arslan, Xiaolong He, Minxiu Wang, Emily Rumschlag-Booms, Lijun Rong, and William T. Beck


Mechanisms of Dominance by the Invasive Hybrid Cattail Typha × Glauca, Daniel J. Larkin, Monika J. Freyman, Shane C. Lishawa, Pamela Geddes, and Nancy C. Tuchman

Submissions from 2011

Time-Dependent Impacts of Cattail Invasion in a Great Lakes Coastal Wetland Complex, Mark E. Mitchell, Shane C. Lishawa, Pamela Geddes, Daniel J. Larkin, David Treeing, and Nancy C. Tuchman


Development of an Antiviral Screening Protocol: One-Stone-Two-Birds, Emily Rumschlag-Booms, Hongjie Zhang, D. Doel Soejarto, Harry HS Fong, and Lijun Rong

Submissions from 2009


Decoupling Carbon Effects and UV Protection from Terrestrial Subsidies on Pond Zooplankton, Pamela Geddes


Analysis of Hemagglutinin-Mediated Entry Tropism of H5N1 Avian Influenza, Ying Guo, Emily Rumschlag-Booms, Jizhen Wang, Haixia Xiao, Jia Yu, Jianwei Wang, Li Guo, George F. Gao, Youjia Cao, Michael Caffrey, and Lijun Rong


Comparative Analysis Between a Low Pathogenic and a High Pathogenic Influenza H5 Hemagglutinin in Cell Entry, Emily Rumschlag-Booms, Ying Guo, Jizhen Wang, Michael Caffrey, and Lijun Rong


Patterns of Environmental Change Associated with Typha x Glauca Invasion in a Great Lakes Coastal Wetland, Nancy C. Tuchman, Daniel J. Larkin, Pamela Geddes, Radka Wildova, KathiJo Jankowski, and Deborah E. Goldberg

Submissions from 2008


Periphyton Mat Structure Mediates Trophic Interactions in a Subtropical Marsh, John H. Chick, Pamela Geddes, and Joel C. Trexler

Submissions from 2007


Characterization of Marburg Virus Glycoprotein in Characterization of Marburg Virus Glycoprotein in Viral Entry, Balaji Manicassamy, Jizhen Wang, Emily Rumschlag-Booms, Stéphanie Tymen, Valentina Volchkova, Viktor Volchkov, and Lijun Rong


The Diatom Flora of Phosphorus-Enriched And Unenriched Sites in an Everglades Marsh, Jennifer E. Slate and R Jan Stevenson

Submissions from 2005


El Concepto de Nicho en las Metacomunidades, Mathew A. Leibold and Pamela Geddes

Submissions from 2003


Uncoupling of Omnivore-Mediated Positive and Negative Effects on Periphyton Mats, Pamela Geddes and Joel C. Trexler

Submissions from 2002

Comparative Vegetative Anatomy of Neosparton Darwinii and N. Ephedroides (Verbenaceae), P. M. Hermann, A. C. Curino, and Pamela Geddes

Submissions from 1999


Targeting Ecosystem Features for Conservation: Standing Crops in the Florida Everglades, Andrew M. Turner, Joel C. Trexler, C. Frank Jordan, Sarah J. Slack, Pamela Geddes, John H. Chick, and William F. Loftus