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The infusion of hip-hop into the school’s curriculum adds value and meaning for students and teachers (Haaken, Wallin-Ruschman, & Patange, 2012). Despite the cultural shift that altered the organic framework of hip-hop, referencing this art form from its most basic construct spurs student achievement, especially females (Henry, West, & Jackson, 2010). Most importantly, it serves as a cultural-relevant paradigm empowering students’ radical engagement with instruction. In addition, it enables teachers to construct lessons that connect students to their community along with social and political aspects influencing society. Students who immerse themselves studying hip-hop lessons have shown literacy improvement and increase activism. The application of a cultural relevant curriculum is an effective way for teachers to develop and tailor instructional lessons to develop noteworthy assignments, projects, and assessments. The goal of instruction should be clear and engage students to increase their learning experiences and stimulate their critical consciousness toward the lessons. The process of transferring instructional lessons to students’ communities makes educational activities more relevant and applicable to students’ cultural needs.


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