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The purpose of the current study was to examine (a) the use of technology to monitor physical activity (PA) between PE students and non-PE students, (b) the motivation to be physically active between PE students and non-PE students, (c) and the PA levels between PE students and non-PE students. Methods: A survey that asked demographic, technology use, PA level, and PA motivation questions was distributed to undergraduate students. Results: Students majoring in PE were more physically active, used technology more often to monitor PA, and perceived their need to be physically active as satisfied more than non-PE students. Discussion: PA is a vital part of PE in K-12 schools, and K-12 PE teachers can play a large role in helping students to be physically active by using their own experiences of knowledge acquisition, skill acquisition, reinforcement, and technology use to monitor PA. In conclusion, it could be hypothesized that the PE students in this study have been trained to use technology to increase their PA and should be able to translate this into their K-12 PE classroom to educate their students on how to use technology for health benefits.


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Illinois Journal for Health, Physical Education, Recreation, and Dance