Submissions from 2022


Redesigning Reading in and for the Disciplines, Kathryn Glasswell, Christina L. Madda, and Nicky Glasswell

Submissions from 2021

This is the worst of times; this is the best of times: Juxtaposing the crisis and opportunities for Asians in the global context, Yin Lam Lee-Johnson and Hsiao Chin Kuo

Conducting Community Based Participatory Action Research, Brian D. Vivona and Matthew S. Wolfgram

Submissions from 2020

Becoming a Nursing Program Graduate: Transitions and Adaptations by Eastern European Immigrant Students of a Midwest Community College, Dubravca Iordan, Gene Roth, and Brian Vivona

Crossing and Understanding: Funds of Knowledge among Romani Households, Hsiao-Chin Kuo

Submissions from 2018


Toward Understanding the Role of Web 2.0 Technology in Self-Directed Learning and Job Performance, Shirley J. Caruso

Submissions from 2017


A Foundation For Understanding Knowledge Sharing: Organizational Culture, Informal Workplace Learning, Performance Support, And Knowledge Management, Shirley J. Caruso

Work role transitions – expert nurses to novice preceptors, Janice Miller, Brian Vivona, and Gene Roth

Submissions from 2013


Focus on Latino Learners: Developing a Foundational Understanding of Latino Cultures to Cultivate Student Success, Gerardo Moreno and Francisco X. Gaytán


Reducing Subjectivity in Special Education Referrals by Educators Working with Latino Students: Using Functional Behavioral Assessment as a Pre-Referral Practice in Student Support Teams, Gerardo Moreno and Francisco X. Gaytán

Submissions from 2010


Academic Trajectories of Newcomer Immigrant Youth, Carola Suárez-Orozco, Francisco X. Gaytán, Hee Jin Bang, Juliana Pakes, Erin O'Connor, and Jean Rhodes