Submissions from 2021

Abolishing innocence: Disrupting the racist/ableist pathologies of childhood, Liat Ben-Moshe, Nirmala Erevelles, and Erica R. Meiners

Cuba’s Citizenship Education Model and Its Current Challenges, J. Ruth Dawley-Carr

Submissions from 2020

Seaweed invasion! Temporal changes in beach conditions lead to increasing cenote usage and contamination in the Riviera Maya, Diego Armando Casas-Beltrán, Courtney Maloof Gallaher, Emely Hernandez Yac, Karelys Febles Moreno, Kenneth Voglesonger, Rosa María Leal-Bautista, and Melissa Lenczewski

Atrazine removal from water by activated charcoal cloths, Javier M. Gonzalez, Lynnette R. Murphy, Chad J. Penn, Veera M. Boddu, and Laura Sanders

Preferential flow of surface-applied solutes: Effect of lysimeter design and initial soil water content, Mark R. Williams, Oscar Coronel, Scott J. McAfee, and Laura L. Sanders

Submissions from 2019

Pedagogical Practices of Mobile Learning in K-12 and Higher Education Settings, Hua Bai

Preparing Teacher Education Students to Integrate Mobile Learning into Elementary Education, Hua Bai

Student perceptions of learning digital literacy online in a leadership program, Hua Bai

Queer kinks and the arc of justice: meditations on failure, persistence, and public education, Therese Quinn and Erica Meiners

Submissions from 2018


A Qualitative Study: How Northeastern Illinois University's College of Education Program Successfully Prepares Black Males With a Previous Individualized Learning Plan to Become Teachers, Sunni Ali


Here's to This Flag of Mine, Sunni Ali

If cuban and us education leaders debated: Sacando la cuenta (taking an inventory) on the teaching profession, Denise Blum and Jenny Ruth Dawley-Carr

Queer interruptions: Policing belonging in the carceral state, Louise Boon-Kuo, Erica Meiners, and Paul Simpson

Submissions from 2017


How Cinema Excerpts Enhance a Culturally Relevant Responsive-Value Driven Pedagogy, Sunni Ali

Fierce Urgency of Now: Building Movements to End the Prison Industrial Complex in Our Schools, Chrissy Anderson-Zavala, Patricia Krueger-Henney, Erica Meiners, and Farima Pour-Khorshid

Beyond conventional wisdom: community cultural wealth and the college knowledge of African American youth in the United States, Nicole Holland

Teaching Prince as Critical Pedagogy: an Autoethnography, Zada Johnson

Child's play: Schools, not jails, Erica Meiners

Gendered Movement: Negotiating Youth,Sex and Harm in the US Carceral State, Erica Meiners

The problem child: Provocations toward dismantling the carceral state, Erica Meiners

Submissions from 2016


My Schoolhouse is a Ghost Town, Sunni Ali

Teaching for Social Justice and the Common Core: Justice-Oriented Curriculum for Language Arts and Literacy, Alison Dover

Troubling the edTPA: Illusions of Objectivity and Rigor, Alison G. Dover and Brian Schultz

Troubling the edTPA: Illusions of Objectivity and Rigor, Alison Dover and Brian D. Schultz the art of music integration, Timothy Duggan

Teaching publics in the American penalscape, Gillian Harkins and Erica Meiners

Partnering With a Higher Power: Academic Engagement, Religiosity, and Spirituality of African American Urban Youth, Nicole Holland

“We Do Everything with edTPA” interrupting and disrupting teacher education in troubling times, Brian Schultz and Alison G. Dover

Submissions from 2015


Integrating Hip-Hop and Cultural Relevant Lessons into the Public School Curriculum, Sunni Ali

Submissions from 2013


Merging and Creating Culturally Relevant Pedagogy in Public Schools, Sunni Ali and Ryan Murphy