Submissions from 2024


The Psychosocial Benefits of Biblioguidance Book Clubs, Jennifer R. Banas, Julia Valley, Amina Chaudhri, and Sara Gershon

Submissions from 2023


A Biblioguidance Approach to Fostering Students’ Self-Efficacy to Advocate for Health, Jennifer R. Banas and Sara Gershon

Submissions from 2022


Motivation to Be Active and Use of Technology to Monitor Physical Activity Levels: Comparing PE and Non-PE Majors, James Ball, Kimberly Maljak, and other co-authors


A Novel Approach to Social Justice Education, Jennifer R. Banas and Sara Gershon

Submissions from 2021


A Biblioguidance Approach to Understanding and Developing Adolescents’ Social-Emotional Competence in the Health Education Classroom: A Formative Research Study, Jennifer R. Banas, Julia Valley, and Amina Chaudhri

Mentorship: An Assessment of Faculty Scholarly Production, Mode of Doctoral Work, and Mentorship, Matthew R. Bice, Angela Hollman, James Ball, and Travis Hollman

Keeping Focus on Relational, Social, and Emotional Needs of Students and Faculty During University-Level Remote Instruction, Emily M. Jones, Julia A. Valley, and Deborah A. Garrahy

Submissions from 2020


A Public Health Approach to Uncovering the Health-Related Needs of Teen Library Patrons, Jennifer R. Banas, Michelle J. Oh, Robin Willard, and Jeremy Dunn

Oil production, environmental pressures and other sources of violent conflict in Nigeria, Isidore Udoh

Submissions from 2019


Recruiting and Retaining People with Disabilities for Qualitative Health Research: Challenges and Solutions, Jennifer R. Banas, Susan Magasi, Kim The, and David E. Victorson


Designing for Community in Online Learning Settings, Jennifer R. Banas and Russell D. Wartalski

Community–academic partnerships to reduce cancer inequities: The chicagoCHEC community engagement core, Aida L. Giachello, Karriem S. Watson, Moira Stuart, Henrietta Barceló Ba, Joanne Glenn, Shan Wang, Elena Navas-Nacher, Magdalena Nava, June McKoy, Erika de la Riva, Jen Cooper, Lisa Aponte-Soto, Jacqueline Kanoon, Erica Martinez, and Melissa Simon

Wecanconnect: Development of a community-informed mhealth tool for people with disabilities and cancer, Susan Magasi, Jennifer Banas, Bruriah Horowitz, Judy Panko Reis, Kimberly The, Tom Wilson, and David Victoson

Submissions from 2018


Exploring the Relationship between College Students’ Barriers to Exercise and Motivation, James W. Ball, Matthew R. Bice, and Kimberly A. Maljak

A comparison of scholarly productivity among current professors who obtained terminal degrees, Angela Hollman, Matthew R. Bice, James Ball, Nate Bickford, Alex B. Shafer, and Sonja Bickford

Study design and protocol for My Guide: An e-health intervention to improve patient-centered outcomes among Hispanic breast cancer survivors, Betina Yanez, Diana Buitrago, Joanna Buscemi, Francisco Iacobelli, Rachel F. Adler, Marya E. Corden, Alejandra Perez-Tamayo, Judy Guitelman, and Frank J. Penedo

Submissions from 2017


The Adolescent Health Care Broker – Adolescents Interpreting for Family Members and Themselves in Health Care, Jennifer R. Banas, James W. Ball, Lisa C. Wallis, and Sarah Gershon


Developing a Peer-to-Peer mHealth Application to Connect Hispanic Cancer Patients, Jennifer R. Banas, David Victorson, Sandra Gutierrez, Evelyn Cordero, Judy Guitleman, and Niina Haas

Gender-biased communication in physical education, Julia Valley and Kim C. Graber

Submissions from 2016


Retrospective Evaluation of High School Sport Participant and Adult BMI Status, Physical Activity Levels, and Motivation to Exercise, James W. Ball, Matthew R. Bice, and Thomas Parry


Adolescent Healthcare Brokering: Prevalence, Experience, Impact, and Opportunities, Jennifer R. Banas, Lisa C. Wallis, James W. Ball, and Sarah Gershon

Pre-service teachers' motivation to use technology and the impact of authentic learning exercises, Jennifer Banas and Cynthia York


Retrospective Evaluation of High School Primary Physical Activities and Adulthood Physical Activity Need Satisfaction, Matthew R. Bice, James W. Ball, Thomas Parry, and Megan Adkins

Submissions from 2014


Impact of Authentic Learning Exercises on Preservice Teachers' Self-Efficacy to Perform Bullying Prevention Tasks, Jennifer R. Banas